Why is Property the most popular investment?

1. There is nothing more secure (safe as houses)
2. One of the most tax effective investments available
3. Inflation Proof Income for Life
4. Easy to understand & manage (we all live in one)
5. Not subject to huge market fluctuations like shares
6. You get a Triple benefit

  • Rental Income
  • Capital Growth
  • Tax Benefits

7. The only investment where up to 90% – or more is paid for by someone else!

What are the Tax advantages of property?

Most costs of owning an investment property are 100% tax
deductible including;

  • Your interest payments
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Legal Fees for transfer
  • Property Management fees
  • Depreciation of Chattels (new houses only)

A $450,000 Property can give you more than $25,000 per year in tax

What is the Golden Rule for Property Investing?

The best location gives you the best rental returns
and best capital growth.
Factors that determine a good location:

  • ┬áPopulation Growth
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
  • Housing Shortage
  • Infrastructure to handle growth
What if interest rates go up?

A. When you are the Landlord, rises in interest rates are a good thing not a bad thing…

  • You simply increase your rent to cover the interest rate rises. (SAS recommends that you have a market rental adjustment increase as part of your tenancy agreement, so it happens automatically).
  • Interest rate rises are an indication of high inflation, so it means that the value of your investment property is going up also.
What if I get bad tenants?

A. SAS recommends Landlord Protection Insurance, which will cover you against any unpaid rent or damage to your property due to bad tenants.

Who will look after my rental property?

A. SAS only works with professional property management companies that take care of everything for you such as; –

  • Advertising and arranging tenants
  • Selecting and reference checking tenants
  • Regular property inspections
  • Maintenance issues
  • Collection and payment of rent
  • Dealing with any emergency issues
  • Extending and rolling over leases

    This makes your investment a Set and Forget Investment